Monday, October 17, 2011


I read, and/or listen to, a LOT of books. Upon reviewing the books I've completed recently, I realized that I'd like to talk about them. Because they can be plentiful I'd prefer to not dominate my "main" blog with discussing them, because it's reserved for family and poop talk if the mood takes me. So I've created this one! I don't expect that I'll ever review them from the perspective of someone who wants to uncover the deeper meaning behind the written words, because that's just not how my brain operates. I take my own meaning from things and like that everyone else does as well. Rather, I'll likely just give a summary and talk a bit about how I felt about it, at which point you will or won't read it, and will or won't agree with me. Until I "catch up" to where I am now, this will likely look like a boneyard of post titles with no bulk, so if you've mistakenly come across this prior to the entries being filled in, I apologize (and secretly wonder how you managed that). Enjoy : )

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